Tablarträger Vstb. St.gehärtet

Tablarträger, Schraubgewinde 65 mm

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For concealed mounting of shelves
For installation into woodwork or masonry walls
Suitable for all domestic applications, especially shelving systems, radiator screens and telephone supports


1x Supporting pin with screw, hardened steel
1x Washer, galvanized steel
1x Wall plug, SR 10 60 mm, grey nylon


mit Schraubgewinde 65 mm

Montage Drill Ø 10 mm hole and insert wall plug, Slip washer (supplied) onto screw thread, Screw shelf support into wall plug, Install shelf on support as far as the knurled section, Use an SW 10 open-ended wrench for vertical adjustment, Finally push the shelf a
Hinweis zur Tragkraft The load bearing capacity of the shelf support is dependent on: , Shelf material, Shelf depth, Properties and condition of wall
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